A toast to
your trip to Tokyo.

Since ancient times, it has been believed that sake has magical powers.
It is the power that connects gods and people.
Here in Asakusa, where the present and the past come together,
is a place that transcends the barriers of time,
the distance from gods, and the borders of nations.
Sense of Japan given by sake.

Kikkawa Jozo

Kikkawa Jozo is a long-established sake brewery founded in 1917. It has been over 100 years since it was built in Godo, Isehara City. From the rice washing to the brewing water, all the sake made here is made with high-quality hard water pumped from the strata of Mount Oyama in Tanzawa. Mount Oyama in Tanzawa has been known since ancient times as a place of rain worship and is also called Afuri-yama (rainfall mountain).
Kikkawa Jozo's flagship sake brand, "Afuri," is brewed at the foot of Mount Oyama (Afuri-yama) in Tanzawa, and its underground stream is used as brewing water, so the characters for "Afuri" on the label were specially calligraphed by the Shinto priest of Oyama Afuri Shrine.

CHECK-IN Exchange Sake

A masu (square measuring cup), which has been treated as a sake vessel since ancient times, will be provided to mark your arrival.
Let's start with a masu cup of sake, praying that your stay in Japan will be a good one.

ENJOY ARTS Immerse Yourself in Sake Art

Since ancient times, sake has been considered sacred as a drink dedicated to the gods.
To bring visitors in touch with the delicate sensibility of sake, artwork featuring authentic masu cups is sprinkled throughout.

GO OUT & HAVE FUN Heading Out into the Streets of Asakusa

You will feel as if you have blended in with the town of Asakusa when you go out on the town wearing a happi coat or a yukata.
Walk five minutes and look up at the Kaminarimon Gate.
Don't forget to pay a visit to Senso-ji Temple.

EXPERIENCE JAPAN Experience the Culture

Yukata, happi coats, and cultural experiences such as senko hanabi (sparklers), moxibustion, and calligraphy are available. Take a stroll through the town clad in yukata and enjoy senko hanabi (sparklers). Enjoy Japan to the fullest.

RELAX WITH SAKE Call for a Toast at the Footbath

If you are tired from walking around Asakusa, refresh yourself at the footbath on the top floor.
Relax with a cup of sake in hand and slowly open your mind.
Enjoy a mystical experience that will make you think about your journey.


In the evening, the SAKE Bar offers a self-serve lounge where you can freely enjoy sake.
Enjoy a moment to experience sake to your heart's content.

BREAKFAST Japanese Rice Balls

On the day after enjoying sake, try the delicious rice balls made from Japanese rice.
After a hearty breakfast, you will be ready to hit the town once again.


You can take the masu cup home with you.
Feel free to use it at home.
We look forward to serving you again at Asakusa
whenever you feel like drinking sake.

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