Memories of June

Hey there, it’s Staff A.


Just like that, we’re into July.

Last month, we had heaps of guests come through our doors!


First, we had this family all the way from Australia. Their son is mad about Godzilla, and he was stoked to show off his new Godzilla figure he scored from a toy store in Akihabara.

Upon check-out, they gifted us some koala-shaped chocolates that are a big deal back in Australia. So, big thanks for that!


We also hosted a dude who carried a killer-looking guitar everywhere. The chap was back with his lady just two weeks later for another stay with us! Seems like he was seriously digging the vibe here at our place, which was really uplifting for us.


Of course, we had plenty of visitors from inside Japan too. Some families came by, and even if a few of them couldn’t drink, they still had a cracking good time. Don’t sweat it if you can’t have booze, we’ve got enough non-alcoholic beverages to keep you entertained. It’s a hotel that can be enjoyed by everyone, whether you drink or not!

We had this couple with infectious smiles. They sported our very own original rental happi coats and let us take their pictures!


Big shout out to everyone who let us take their photos.


Meeting so many of you and your stories made it a really fun-filled month for all of us staff.

Super excited to meet all of you this July too!

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